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3 Tips for Creating a 21st Century Contact Center


October 15, 2014

3 Tips for Creating a 21st Century Contact Center

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No matter what industry your business is operating in, it can undoubtedly benefit from multiple channels of communication. By contacting customers in real-time, your business can make sure they are receiving the attention that they need, when they need it.

It’s time to take your contact center into the 21st century with SMS.

How Will A New Channel Benefit Your Customers?

SMS of the past enhanced customer service by contacting customers on a channel they used all the time. From special promotions to providing valuable contact information, these businesses majorly benefited from this one-way form of communication. But one-way unquestionably limits the potential of what true communication should be, and that’s why new technology is changing the SMS texting platform. With platforms like OneReach, not only can businesses text their customers, but their customers can text them back.

Contact centers should also incorporate intelligent automation. When a customer calls in, the customer service representative should be provided with an easy-to-navigate interface that showed all of the customers’ previous interactions with the company. From previous purchases to returns, these details could be used to optimize the service the representative provides. With newer technology, this is exactly what businesses get.

Using New Technology: Understanding the Costs

With 78 percent of consumers stating that they base their purchasing decisions on the customer service reputation of a company, it becomes clear to see just how imperative it is that you revamp your customer experience policies to the max. And this of course means providing them with a multitude of convenient lines of communication. It’s not necessarily that certain channels are better than others. Rather, it’s about providing customers with the option to choose the experience they want.

Technology lets customers to text your business via 1-800 numbers. Moreso, live agent interaction gets smoothly connected with automation, making it a very cost-efficient form of customer service to implement.  Overall, you’ll enjoy not only happier call center employees, but more importantly, satisfied customers.

But what about the cost of implementing this new type of technology? If it exceeds your overall budget for providing customer service, then you will of course need to find a regimen that stays in-line with the monies you have to meet the needs of your customers. Do keep in mind that you may need to re-orchestrate your funds so that budget constraints do not limit your ability to take advantage of an all-in-one customer service experience. However, depending on your size and needs, there are many cost-friendly options.

Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

40 percent of employees state that they have no idea what programs are going to be implemented until after they have already been rolled out. Don’t let your employees fall into this category. By taking advantage of new call center technology, seamless training and integration within your overall business operation is possible. Fully customizable integrations mean that you can save on training, as new channels will simply build upon your current software.

Gone are the days of having to keep your customers on hold. Gone are the days of one-way SMS messaging. With today’s technological advancements on your side, a new horizon is taking shape, and it’s up to you to soar above it.

To learn more about text-enabling your contact center, professionally designed or do-it-yourself, visit onereach.com.

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