App Overload


April 23, 2014

App Overload

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Smart phones and apps are awesome, but I gotta admit: the awesomeness is getting out of control.

While I certainly love mobile interactivity, I’m growing weary of always needing to download another app, followed by the inevitable need to create an account for that app and then keep updating it.

My grocery store just released an app this year for getting coupons and deals. While I like saving 10 cents on an 80-pack of industrial strength toilet paper as much as the next guy, I’m not sure it’s worth an app download.

This is why I think text-enabled businesses are the way to go. I walk into my grocery store and text “Coupons” to their number, then get codes or urls of any coupons I can take advantage of. No need to download an app, yet mobile interactivity with my grocery store.

Granted, not every app could be replaced with a text-based solution, but many could, and it would be… awesome.

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