We Put Bot Sauce on Everything


October 17, 2022

We Put Bot Sauce on Everything

This hot sauce is like intelligent communication fabric, connecting the many elements that make up nachos and giving them a common purpose: to be better.

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For any organization trying to reach a state of hyperautomation, the recipe demands an intelligent communication fabric connecting people, systems, and things. This is a heavy requirement that needs a great deal of strategic thinking behind it. To ease the transition, OneReach.ai’s founder, Robb Wilson wrote a Wall Street Journal bestselling business book about how to create this fabric called Age of Invisible Machines

Along with the book, we often use a number of analogies to help explain intelligent communication fabric. “Bot Sauce” is one of our favorites, and it goes a little something like this: imagine your organization as a big plate of nachos—a haphazard landscape of jagged chips, shiny black beans, playful black olive rings, mashed avocado, melted cheese, jalapenos. There have been attempts to integrate ingredients, but bite consistency remains unreliable. Sadly, nachos are one of many imperfect things in an imperfect world.

Now imagine a glittering, piquant hot sauce raining down on these nachos, coating the disparate ingredients, sliding into cracks, and binding everything with flavor. This hot sauce is like intelligent communication fabric, connecting the many diverse elements that make up nachos and giving them a common purpose: to be better. Going full-depth on this analogy is easiest if you love spicy food, but the central notion is that you can create a blanket layer connecting all the different pieces of technology and data within your organization with the same goal: to be better. In this analogy, bot sauce makes those connections by way of a conversational interface, which obscures the jagged inner-workings of your organization and creates a unifying portal in. 

Blanketing your organization in bot sauce can deliver value in all sorts of ways. We typically suggest that organizations who are new to hyperautomation begin by finding internal tasks that they can automate. With intelligent communication fabric in place, team members can use code-free creation tools that allow them to create automations conversationally. Early attempts will almost certainly fail—perhaps spectacularly—but each failure presents an opportunity to improve. As with a truly potent hot sauce, it takes some time to adjust to the heat.

Eventually, using a conversational interface, team members will find novel ways to create automations that handle tasks more efficiently and intelligently than humans alone are capable of. Building this momentum internally rallies your team around a common goal: automating the menial tasks they dread doing and freeing up more time for creative problem solving. Once organizations have legs for this, they can start creating automations for their customers, with the similar goal of giving them experiences that surpass what a human alone can achieve. From there an organization is ready to blanket everything in bot sauce and reap rewards from all directions.

If you think our bot sauce analogy is running out of steam, think again, because a good hot sauce is an accelerant and so is bot sauce. The former accelerates the flavor of any dish, the latter accelerates any aspect of your operations that it touches. Indeed, when the bot sauce flows, so does innovation.

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