Clinton Uses Texting and Voice To Attack Sanders


February 16, 2016

Clinton Uses Texting and Voice To Attack Sanders

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We’ve written before about how texting could be used for political campaigns. You could use it for voter registration, voting day reminders, or even to set up a text hotline to get real-time feedback on what’s going on at polling places.

But now we can add a new texting use case to the list: attack ads.

BuzzFeed News Reporter Evan McMorris-Santoro had a firsthand experience with this texting use case. He received a text message from the Clinton campaign touting her support of Barack Obama and calling out “someone” who didn’t support Obama.

When Evan texted back the word HEAR to learn more, he got an automated call from the Hillary campaign with a soundbite of her supporting one of Obama’s decisions and Bernie Sanders opposing him. After the call, it ended with a text saying Hillary was the only one who would continue Obama’s legacy.

This is definitely a unique texting use case, not only for its message but for its use of two communication channels to get that message across. I won’t get into politics here, but I commend Clinton for using two powerful communication channels together to interact with her base and deliver a one-on-one experience that other channels can’t.

Check out the full article on BuzzFeed, and don’t forget to download our whitepaper on the 10 things you need to know when adding texting to your business.

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