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Desk.com: Small Businesses Using Big Tools


October 10, 2014

Desk.com: Small Businesses Using Big Tools

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Customer service is a strategic advantage, especially for small organizations who rely on word of mouth to grow their business. But having a strategy is not enough- it’s important to use tools that empower every employee to provide customers with the service they deserve.

Tools like Desk.com have been great about letting every employee participate in the customer service process.Acquired by Salesforce in 2011, Desk offers multiple customer support methods.

  • Self-help pages—customers can get answers to their FAQs on a custom support center microsite
  • Giving customers access—customer can contact service agents through a customizable contact form
  • Ticket tracking—agents can categorize cases by submission time, type of problem, customer status, etc.
  • Showing customer their needs are being taken seriously—companies can add a Q&A section to their site, allowing agents to moderate conversations and answer questions directly

But what about the next step? What does the future look like?

Not too different from the present, as it turns out.

Desk.com: The Future Is Here

Thanks to our partnership with companies like Desk.com, OneReach is bringing big contact center technology to the small business. Your business can now respond to multiple customers at once, no matter what channel they’re using. By integrating with existing customer databases, small businesses can draw on personalized information in live or automated communications.

Some of the features a system like OneReach offer are:

  • Screen pops with relevant customer information
  • New case creation for each customer call
  • Log call notes
  • Ability to text or call for support

Companies of any size can take advantage of tools like OneReach’s without breaking the bank.

Improving The Customer Experience

At the end of the day, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the basics by:

  • Making their customers feel known. According to an Accenture survey, 89% of customers are frustrated having to repeat their issue to multiple agents. Eliminate customer angst using data to create context. If a customer calls in in the future, the system should remember what their previous call was about, what channel it came in on, what agent they spoke with, and customize the interaction based on that. Companies should also centralize communications, sending customer data collected on any channel to one major hub like the cloud.
  • Being responsive. According to a Harris Interactive survey, 75% of customers think it takes too long to get in touch with a live agent. Companies can set up automated flows across channels to respond to customers when no agents are online, ensuring the customer can still get their problem solved. Businesses should also provide customers with the option to talk to an agent on any channel, such as pivoting to a live text chat instead of waiting on hold.
  • Showing gratitude. Customers are taking time out of their day to interact with your company, so be sure to thank them for it. (Don’t overdo this, though, or it’ll start coming across as insincere). However, if a customer has been waiting on hold for a long time, that’s when it’s acceptable to thank them for their patience.
  • Surprising them. A lot of customers see customer service as a tedious process; it’s your job to change that perception. Even just introducing a new channel can shake things up: “You mean I can just text you instead of going through a phone tree or waiting on hold?” Review your support channels on a regular basis to see how they can be made even better; your customers will thank you for it.

By introducing bigger and better communications tools, companies can provide consistently great communication that customers will stop and take notice of.

To learn more about OneReach’s integrations with systems like Desk.com, visit onereach.com.

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