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June 12, 2020

Future of AI Strategy | Fortune

Wharton School of Business including AI strategy in curriculum.

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According to a recent article in Fortune, business schools have (rightfully so) begun to include AI strategy as an important piece of their curriculum. The Wharton School of Business recently launched a whole new initiative called Wharton AI for Business.

This project focuses on the business implications of AI and includes guest lecture series for the students. Professor Kartik Hosanagar is one of the drivers of this project, hoping to help better prepare students to set AI strategy in the professional world.

According to the article, Hosanagar believes that the most successful companies will be the ones who take a step back and think about how they can use AI for more strategic moves. He also believes that the pandemic plays a large role:

“Hosanagar thinks the pandemic will accelerate the use of unsupervised learning algorithms, which don’t need big, labelled data sets to train on. He also thinks there is a greater role for reinforcement learning, where A.I. software learns from simulated experience. And he thinks that A.I. systems in the future will have to incorporate a wider diversity of data to become more inclusive of disruptions such as those caused by Covid-19.”

As for business strategy, he believes that AI can help through data and insights, but for the foreseeable future, humans will be relied upon to create the strategy.

A good strategy for AI requires creating a coordinated ecosystem of technologies that works in concert; true hyper-automation.

Learn more about how to prepare your business for the level of competition it is now facing as we continue forward in an unprecedented rate of technological disruption.

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