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Increase ROI With Live Chat and Texting


November 24, 2014

Increase ROI With Live Chat and Texting

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If you’re a business owner, there might be two tools you are not utilizing that can increase your ROI. Those tools are live chat and text messages. Why should you even think about using live chat and text messages? Let’s look at this information from Econsultancy and Valpak.

  • 65% of American online shoppers have engaged in live chat

  • Live chat has a satisfaction level for customer service: 73% satisfaction level

  • 67% of consumers not only like, but want to receive special offers via a text message

  • 71% of consumers would like the option of text messaging a company

Why do consumers like live chat and texting options when doing business?

  • They get their questions answered immediately. With live chat or text, there is no waiting. It’s the same as talking with a person.

  • They can multi-task. With live chat or texting, individuals can be doing multiple things such as working on the computer or taking care of the family.

  • Consumers say live chat and texting are the most efficient communication methods. The conversation is usually short and gets to the point of what is needed.

  • They say they get better information than via email. With live chat and text messaging, you don’t have to wait for an answer, then ask a follow up question. You get all the information at once.

In addition to those reasons to use live chat or text messages, when your business uses these two tools, you give a great first impression of being available and caring about the customer.

To learn more about text-enabling your business, professionally designed or do-it-yourself, visit onereach.com.

Photo by Flickr user Gail.

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