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Mobile Apps vs. Text Chat: Which One Is Better for Business?


August 27, 2014

Mobile Apps vs. Text Chat: Which One Is Better for Business?

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In the business world, the ability to utilize and offer intelligent automation solutions is a crucial part of continued growth. In the contact center environment, introducing alternative channels like text and chat can lower costs while providing customers with a range of options. Over the past few years, mobile apps have become a prevalent fixture in innovative business technology, but using this type of platform can be expensive.

Although smartphone users have surpassed basic cell phone users, using text chat for business communication is the better choice. To date, the use of mobile apps in the U.S. and on a worldwide platform is declining, with SMS texting being the most-used activity. Here are a few reasons why:

Texting is more user-friendly. Mobile apps can go down, preventing the customer from accessing the information they need. With text-chat, you will get your message instantaneously without having to enter passwords or other information. You also give customers a reason to add your business to their phone, meaning you are now in your customer’s pocket.

It saves money. The amount of money saved by using text-chat over mobile app development is staggering. Development and administration costs can include hiring a developer or two, deciding what the app should do, how it should look, structuring it for both the iOS and Android platforms, consistent checking for bugs, and the creation and administration of updates as needed to stay relevant. All of these costs are eliminated by the use of text chat. OneReach clients have been able to get text chat up and running in less than a week’s time.

Texting is more widespread. Over 81% of the U.S. adult population texts—that’s over 250 million people. Texts can be sent in HTML form or in standard SMS, which will automatically adapt to the phone’s user platform. This has become a popular way for big box stores to advertise coupons and upcoming sales. Can you imagine how much more powerful it would be allowing your customers to text you back?

It remembers where you left off. With texting, you can pick up your conversation at the most recent point, while with mobile apps, you have to restart each time you open the app. Additionally, omni-channel support systems can be used that will automatically identify previous customers based on the phone number to personalize the customer experience.

Texting enhances interaction. By using a text messaging system, customers can ask in-depth questions and receive detailed information privately and discreetly. Text chat improves the customer experience by drawing on previous conversations to personalize each interaction with the customer.

As technology continues to develop and enhance the “right-now” consumer mindset, employing tactics that will keep customers easily engaged and connected to the company is key. Text chat is simple, smart and cost-effective.

Photo from NEC Corporation of America.

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