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Multichannel Customer Experience Still a Struggle for Companies


March 10, 2016

Multichannel Customer Experience Still a Struggle for Companies

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A recent study by NICE Systems and BCG found that despite the popularity of multichannel in recent years, companies still struggle to deliver a multichannel customer experience.

Although customers use an average of 5.6 channels to contact companies, over 75% of customers have difficulty switching between these channels. However, companies that are able to deliver on a seamless multichannel customer experience will reap the benefits: 49% of customers say the rep knowing what they need and providing them with an immediate solution is one of the top service elements to create perfect multichannel customer experiences. In addition, over 40% said the same thing about the rep knowing what they already did in a self-service channel.

One of the big highlights of the report was the growing presence of text messaging as part of the multichannel customer experience. The report found that 37% of customers use texting to interact with a company for customer service, actually trumping social media (35%). Texting also had the highest quality ranking of any digital channel, as well as traditional customer care channels like IVR and live agent calls.

multichannel customer experience

Download the full report here, and don’t forget to check out our whitepaper on providing a seamless multichannel experience.

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