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[NEW EBOOK] The Seamless Experience


April 21, 2015

[NEW EBOOK] The Seamless Experience

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Customers today use an average of three channels to contact your business, and they usually have to start over when switching between each one. It’s a disjointed customer experience, one that can lead to unhappy customers and potentially a loss in business.

That’s why businesses today need to provide an omnichannel experience. It’s a fancy word but a straightforward concept: customers should be able to switch between channels while maintaining the context of their conversation. What’s more, they should be recognized by companies and delivered a service experience that’s tailored to them.

Integrating these channels can be a complex process, but we’re here to guide you through it. In this eBook, we’ll go over:

  • why 91% of customers want to pick up conversations where they left off (and more stats)
  • what omnichannel really means for customer service
  • how to balance live agents and automation
  • the steps to take to implement an omnichannel strategy

By integrating channels, companies can provide the seamless experience customers deserve while cutting costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Want to know more? Download the eBook here and learn how to create a great seamless experience for your customers.

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