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May 26, 2015

OneReach CEO Featured On

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Exciting news!

OneReach CEO Rich Weborg was recently featured on’s Power More site, which provides information and analysis on technology, business, and gadget-geek culture. In the article, Rich discussed the future of VOIP and unified communications and highlighted three key trends companies should be taking note of, such as channel convergence.

“While the communication industry has been talking about multi- and omnichannel for a while, a lot of channels are still not supported within a UC perspective. Of course text messaging comes to mind. Not many companies allow a customer to text for support and use automation or live agent interactions to get help from a business in that channel. To add to this, we will also see other text apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger begin to support businesses. If a customer wants to use that channel, customers and providers will ultimately support it.”

We believe that text messaging is an essential part of a company’s support strategy, as customers are starting to demand service on more channels than ever. Businesses that provide service on the channels customers want will be able to increase engagement and overall satisfaction.

To read the rest of the article, click here, and don’t forget to download our new ebook on the seamless customer experience.



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