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OneReach Content Featured in “ICMI’s Most Beloved Articles of 2014”


December 12, 2014

OneReach Content Featured in “ICMI’s Most Beloved Articles of 2014”

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OneReach was recently recognized in “ICMI’s Most Beloved Articles of 2014,” a yearly round-up that highlights the most buzzworthy and popular articles published on the contact center resource site. Co-written with Leslie O’Flavahan, “6 Strategies for Writing Great Texts to Customers” was ranked the 6th most beloved article of 2014.

O’Flavahan and OneReach’s Rich Weborg discussed six tips for writing great text messages to customers, like using a polite, friendly, and upbeat tone:

The tone of the texts we exchange with friends and family can be silly, sarcastic, angry, even sexy. But the texts companies write to customers should have a business-appropriate tone as well as a text-appropriate tone.

Finding this tone balance isn’t always easy. A business-appropriate tone may sound too stuffy in a text. For example, no one would text a customer “As per our recent conversation…” And a text-appropriate tone may sound unprofessional. No business would text a customer “Whazzup? Sry yr order is late…”

So how should companies find the right tone balance? Their texts should be polite and upbeat. Energetic texts that have a let’s-get-things-done tone connect well with customers.

Take a look at the rest of the article here, and don’t forget to download our free Harris interactive report to learn more about how customers prefer the text channel for service.

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