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OneReach Crafts Unique Campaign With Stella Artois


June 17, 2015

OneReach Crafts Unique Campaign With Stella Artois

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Are you ready to say bonjour to the simple life? Stella Artois thinks so.

OneReach recently collaborated with Stella Artois, ad agency Mother New York and production company Stopp to create a unique user experience for Stella Artois web visitors. To promote their Hamptons Picnic Properties sweepstakes, Stella Artois provided users with an interactive experience where users could chat with brand ambassador Le Président before entering to win the competition.

Users who visit the Stella Artois Cidre website can input their phone number and receive a call from the fictional Le Président. The user and Le Président can then engage in a conversation about hair care, the perfect date, and even selfies.

Mother New York was responsible for the overall creative idea and campaign, while Stopp was responsible for the creative execution and development. OneReach facilitated the phone call and voice recognition through VoIP.

Nicole Ferraris, interactive producer at Stopp, had this to say about the OneReach platform:

What caught our attention with OneReach was the turnkey solution for voice recognition and the graphical user interface, allowing us to design an interactive phone call very quickly. By leveraging an existing tool set like OneReach, we could devote more of our time to polishing the user experience instead of constructing the underlying system.

OneReach CEO Rich Weborg was equally impressed with this unique use case, saying:

We were really impressed by how the team at Stopp used IVR capabilities to create an engaging (and funny!) interactive video for their marketing program. Our product has a wide variety of use cases, but this was truly a first for us. Stopp’s creative use of our technology was really impressive. They did a great job of weaving the technology (voice and web) together for a seamless experience. We would love to work with them again on equally exciting programs.

Want to try out the experience for yourself? Give Le Président a call below! And to learn more about creating a personalized experience for customers, download our ebook here.

Photo Credit: Mother New York. Edited.

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