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SXSW 2018 – Tales of Fails & Giant Whales


August 22, 2017

SXSW 2018 – Tales of Fails & Giant Whales

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Why care about SXSW 2018 in August 2017? Aside from hotels getting full already, you don’t want to miss your only chance to weigh in on which sessions and speakers are selected for SXSW 2018 – SXSW panelpicker public voting closes on August 25th!  

It didn’t take long to realize the sea of folks aiming to speak about bots and AI at  SXSW. After rowing our boat in these very waters for over 5 years, we finally decided to heed the call of customers and partners urging us to share our weathered journals, from years of epic successes and scurvy-tales in the  treacherous seas of artificial intelligence and bots.

With so much noise about bots and AI in the current business environment, we are happy to share years of perspective that our customers and partners have found helpful as they looked to make critical build vs buy decisions.  With our company having been an born from a consulting firm labelled by Forrester as the first true UX agency, it’s 2nd nature for us  to let  customer data drive important decisions regarding bots and AI.  

Please know that your vote could be the difference between session upon session about bots from the newcomer’s perspective, or us sharing the unparalleled experience and perspective we’ve gained over the last 5+ years of bot-building with the largest brands and cutting edge startups.

Here is an overview of the talk we submitted for SXSW 2018’s public voting:

Vote here: https://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/74141

SESSION TITLE: Tails of fails & giant whales – 5+ yrs of bot biz


Bots aren’t news anymore. But what’s the Evolved Bot Paradigm (EBP) look like, & what lessons will we have learned 5-7 yrs from now? 2 really smart looking guys reveal exactly that in this session which shares practical lessons from a company with 5+ years in the bot-trenches, implementing the past & the EBP with the largest orgs in the world. We’ll review fumbled bots & ass-kicking bots that cut 40+% of operational cost, while saluting bots that save lives & discussing the EBP.


  1. What is the Evolved Bot Paradigm (EBP) and what will the impacts be?
  2. How are bots quietly ending the lives of APIs?
  3. Will bots act like humans, or will bots have a language of their own, and if they do will they invent their own language?

See the outline of this proposed talk for SXSW 2018: https://www.slideshare.net/EliasAParker/tails-of-fails-giant-whales-5-yrs-in-the-bot-biz


Tim Wood

Job Title Professor of Industrial Design & Interaction Design – Rochester Institute of Technology

As an Assistant Professor of Industrial Design and Interaction Design at Rochester Institute of Technology, Tim is most interested in emerging technologies, the frontiers of interaction design, and how these two areas are rapidly changing the nature of the human experience and even how we think about design itself. With extensive experience in design strategy, the architecture of interactive systems and the design of digital products, he is keenly aware of the changing nature of design and new roles designers are being asked to fill. Prior to RIT, he was VP of User Experience and Design at EffectiveUI and before that he held the position of Creative Director for Design Innovation & Advanced Development at Eastman Kodak. Tim is an award-winning designer in his own right and is an internationally recognized speaker and author on the topic of user experience and user interface design.

In addition to having authored 2 books, and having held several executive design and technology roles, Tim holds an MFA in Computer Graphics from Rochester Institute of Technology, an Advanced Certificate in Interactive Media Development from Rochester Institute of Technology and a BFA in Design Arts from Memphis College of Art.

Publications EffectiveUI – The Art of Building Great User Experience in Software
Prior Speaking Experience https://vimeo.com/21505399 https://vimeo.com/4421043

Lance Christmann

Job Title Director of User Experience – OneReach
Website https://onereach.com/

Lance Christmann is the Director of UX at OneReach. With his strong background in interface design and design management, Lance extends the user-centered design approach across all departments within OneReach. He helps guide customers with adopting new communication strategies and incorporating best practices into every new bot experience. Lance’s extensive client portfolio includes FedEx, Boeing, and the design of the highly acclaimed eBay Desktop application which won an Abode MAX award, to name a few. Prior to joining OneReach, Lance served as chief experience strategist at Effective, a full-service user experience (UX) agency.

Lance graduated from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film/video production, animation and computer graphics. Lance has held several design and technology executive roles, leading the vision and execution for teams delivering solutions for organizations such as Boeing, Fedex, National Geographic, US intelligence organizations, AB-InBev and many others.

Publications Effective UI – The Art of Building Great User Experience in Software
Prior Speaking Experience https://www.twilio.com/signal/2015/videos/best-practices-in-designing-omni-channel-solutions


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