The New Startup: No Code, No Problem | WIRED


May 28, 2020

The New Startup: No Code, No Problem | WIRED

"Nuts to that, say the proponents of no-code."

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According to a recent article on WIRED, the no-code/low-code trend “neatly inverts the cultural logic around programming and its unique value.” The article goes on to tell the story of an entrepreneur who created client management software by patching together several no code tools, without writing a single line of code.

“The emergence of no-code is, in a sense, the ur-pattern of software. We’ve been drifting this way for years. Websites at first were laboriously hand-coded, until blogging CMSs automated it—and blogging exploded. Putting video online was a gnarly affair until YouTube rendered it frictionless—and vlogging exploded.”

As WIRED neatly puts it, “Nuts to that, say the proponents of no-code.”

We believe that as software development emerges from the necessity of coding, it will be opened up to far more diversity. Creating software applications shouldn’t be limited to narrow slivers of perspective from our society. Incredible things come from diverse perspectives, and with how disruptive AI, digital communications and machine learning have become, it’s important to ensure the democratization of the ability to create and access these innovations.

Read more about how we are trying to change the traditional software development models.

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