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Weekly Review: 06/19


June 23, 2016

Weekly Review: 06/19

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Happy Friday! Here’s our picks for the best customer service, customer experience, bot and mobile articles of the week, in no particular order.

Customer-Centricity is more than Promotional Hype – by Mitchell Goozé

How do companies drive emotional engagement and guarantee they are fully committed to the needs of the customer? According to this article, centricity is key. Providing better customer service will ultimately end up in more profit, which is almost always the end goal for companies. 

How to Architect a Cognitive Future for Business  – by Tom Rosamilia

Many businesses are looking at the wide-spread possibilities of artificial intelligence to redefine their industries, businesses and customers. Business leaders are embracing artificial intelligence because consumers are using cognitive applications through phones and in their cars, creating better customer engagement.

The Hidden Risks of the Bot Explosion– by Jennifer Snell 

Whenever something new is introduced people are naturally skeptical about jumping into it. Building trust between humans and machines is very important and, like any relationship, takes time. People will only trust their bots if they trust the makers of their bots. At OneReach we want to make sure customers trust that we’re acting responsibly behind the curtain, and that we value the significance of their customer experience.

You, Machines, and the Future of Customer Service– by Jeremy Watkin 

The newest technologies have an amazing capacity to make customer service more effective. Knowing that 40% of customers prefer to handle issues on their own, technology can reduce the effort put forth in order to get their issues resolved.


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