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Weekly Review: 07/10


July 14, 2016

Weekly Review: 07/10

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Happy Friday! Here’s our picks for the best customer service, customer experience, bot and mobile articles of the week, in no particular order.

Right Now, Artificial Intelligence is the Only Thing That Mattersby Enrique Dans

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the keys to almost every aspect of life in the very near future: every sector, every business. Read on to find out how to integrate artificial intelligence for smarter business communication.

Two Months in: How the 1-800 Flowers Facebook Bot is Working Outby Grace Caffyn

You’ve heard all the hype around bots, but just exactly how are bots doing? According to this article, most customers, mainly millennials prefer to interact with a robot rather than a human. Surprisingly, the people using this bot are attracting younger audience. 

The Four Attributes of Customer Loyaltyby Denis Prombriant 

This is the first of four articles, discussing a trait that makes up the best customer loyalty. The first major attribute- AUTOMATION. At OneReach we believe automation is key, whether for creating  bots or enabling logic based routing. Automation’s purpose is to trim down on labor and maximize the role of the resources companies invest.

What’s Hot in Customer Service–And What’s Notby Shep Hyken 

With the phone starting to take a back seat for communication regarding issues or questions, self-service is, and will, continue to grow in the future. As technology improves for automated assistants, customers are becoming more comfortable to not have to interact with an actual human being.

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