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AMERICAN RED CROSS – Collecting critical data

AMERICAN RED CROSS – Collecting critical data
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Founded in 1881 by Clara Barton, the American Red Cross has been a global icon in disaster relief for well over a century.

In addition to its relief efforts, the Red Cross provides communities with life-saving classes, such as CPR, and runs blood donation drives and banks throughout the country.

But, while nearly everyone has heard of the organization, which is organized through congressional charters, not everyone understands how critical it is for the Red Cross to receive consistent funding.

In addition, then, to all of the services the Red Cross provides, another task must be collecting data and reporting of their efforts.

This information is invaluable for attracting funding.

Without this data, much-needed disaster relief services or support for individuals in the armed forces and their families might not receive the funding to make it possible.

Unfortunately, collecting this type of data is never easy, and the Red Cross in particular has had issues in the past demonstrating their effectiveness. Thankfully, bots are here to help.

Today, the Red Cross uses survey bots to collect critical data about crises, and all directly from the victims they are supporting.

Information, like the current impact the Red Cross is having on the situation, the services and aid provided, and the level of satisfaction experienced, is organized efficiently, and without needing to pay for additional staffing.

And while this type of system is huge for generating necessary funding, this type of technology can do even more.

With proper training, these bots will be capable of automating the entire intake system, creating individual cases for every victim, no matter how massive.

Looking at the hurricanes that hit the United States in 2017, for example, a bot of this nature would have been irreplaceable.

Helping as many people as possible in the wake of a crisis is, and always will be, Red Cross’s number one priority.

With the help of bots, Red Cross will be able to help even more people.

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