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Case Study: Leading Educational Company Achieved a 37% Reduction in Chats Transferred to Agents

Case Study: Leading Educational Company Achieved a 37% Reduction in Chats Transferred to Agents
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A leading global education company (hereafter “The Company”), in collaboration with OneReach.ai, implemented a single-chat entry point for all customer segments across web locations in the education and publishing industry.  The project involved deploying Intelligent Digital Workers (IDWs) and Conversational Reporting and Analytics across various customer segments and web locations.

Problem Description

The primary challenge was the functional and technical limitations of Salesforce chat in managing the diverse customer segments and web locations of the education and publishing industry client.

Solution Identification

The solution involved implementing IDWs featuring technologies like Text-to-Speech (TTS), Speech-to-Text (STT), Intent Recognition, and a native voice stack. This was supplemented with Conversational Reporting and Analytics, including customized dashboards, and integration with Salesforce agent UI and CRM.


The rollout plan included a single-chat entry point across all customer segments and web locations, supported by voice, webchat, and messaging channels.

Goals and Milestones

The specific goals for this deployment & IA implementation included:

  • Cutting costs
  • Improving customer experience
  • Deflecting calls from contact center agents
  • Reducing transfers between agent teams
  • Avoid hiring contingent workers during seasonal spikes

Impact Measurement

The business impact was measured by a 37% reduction in chats transferred to agents, a 26% increase in self-service, and a 10% improvement in deflection.

Key Success Factors

OneReach.ai team closely collaborated with an executive sponsor on the customer side who is deeply invested in the success and adoption of the solution. The internal sponsor enabled quick decision making across departments and helped rally internal teams around automation, shifting their mindset and encouraging them to embrace the technology.  

Challenges and Adaptations

The major challenge was the lack of existing customer data, which was addressed using an NLU listener and intent collector. In hindsight, addressing the lack of customer data earlier in the process was identified as a key learning. 

Future Prospects

Future plans include expanding to omnichannel, connecting to phone systems, and adding additional entry points for Conversational AI.

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