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Case Study: Global Fortune 50 Company achieves 83% CSAT Score By Automating Employee Experience

November 20, 2023 –


A prominent global Fortune 50 company (hereafter “The Company”) embarked on a transformative journey, improving the employee experience through internal support, in collaboration with The Company’s goal was to achieve 80% hyperautomation by 2024 and they engaged for a project that entailed the development and deployment of an advanced Intelligent Digital Workers (IDWs).

Problem Description

With 160,000 employees in North America, The Company faced challenges streamlining their employee-facing IT service desk. Primary issues included ineffective handling of common queries like password resets and device upgrade eligibility, leading to overburdened contact center agents and decreased productivity.

Solution Identification

Together, The Company and assembled a team of cross-functional experts dedicated to deploying Intelligent Digital Workers. crafted IDWs to manage everyday inquiries while simultaneously adapting and extending their abilities to provide support across multiple channels and assist numerous departments and geographies. 


The rollout of the solution followed a phased approach:

Deployment Phases

  • Project commencement: March 2022
  • Voice solution launch: June 2022
  • Web solution launch: October 2022
  • Addition of generative AI component: May 2023
  • Ongoing iterative deployments for additional channels and use cases
  • Current status: The solution is live
  • User base: Servicing approximately 160,000 employees across departments

Goals and Milestones

The implementation aimed for 80% hyperautomation of shared services, deflection from contact center agents, improved productivity, and enhanced CSAT scores.

Impact Measurement

Success metrics included a 62-83% CSAT score and a 60-80% containment rate by use case.

Challenges and Adaptations

The most significant challenge faced during the deployment phase was overcoming entrenched problem-solving methodologies. It was imperative to foster a mindset among the team that prioritized optimizing user experiences, as opposed to relying on conventional designs constrained by existing tools and processes.

Future Prospects

Plans for further expansion include international deployments, the integration of additional cognitive services and LLMs, the launch of a concierge solution, and the extension of services to additional employee and customer-facing areas.

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