The Innovative Voice Application Designed Sans-Coding

MARCH 8, 2018 –

Supermodel and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss might be on a mission to help girls learn to code with her camps Kode with Klossy, but those skills aren’t necessary if you’re a sixty-year-old woman determined to solve her business’s customer service solutions.

In 2014, an old-school long-distance calling card company found itself in need of scaling, but without the financial means to do so. Tasked with chore of handling an onslaught of customer service calls, the company’s founder knew she needed to do something quick if she wanted to keep growing.

A middle-age woman with zero coding knowledge, the company’s founder set off on a mission to automate incoming customer calls, knowing that this was the smart solution her budget needed. Like many people, she was somewhat intimidated by technology, but  with a clear end-goal in mind, within hours she had configured her company’s chat bots, instantly becoming a bleeding edge innovator.

Not only was her company able to grow, it was able to do so while she downsized, leaving just herself and her co-founder at the helm of her now blossoming business.

Able to answer her customers questions without actually having to speak to anyone, her business now runs (and grows) almost completely on chat bots intelligence.  And, less time on the phones means more time to handle bigger, better, more interesting tasks, ones that give her the freedom to explore new revenue channels.

For many people, the fear surrounding tech-based innovation quickly subsides once they get started. This company founder, after having success with her first invention, is already looking at the infinite new possibilities AI has to offer her business.

And while Karlie’s coding camps are awesome, improved technology makes it possible for people of all ages and walks of life to create savvy business solutions, ones that are sure to change the landscape of AI and the people who use it.

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