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Home Advisor’s Conversational Applications Are Changing
Customer Service

MARCH 8, 2018 –

Bridging the gap between consumers and contractors, Home Advisor has been a reputable leader in the home service industry for nearly two decades.


A Colorado-based company that is exploding in popularity and quickly becoming a household name, Home Advisor recently knocked out their competition, Angie’s List, in the most humane of ways: acquisition.

But while many companies would brush off the dirt and let the dust settle, resting on their past laurels and coasting, Home Advisor took a different approach.

They innovated.

Setting the bar even higher for themselves, Home Advisor was determined to not just keep attracting consumers and contractors to their site, but to also impress them, striving for an unprecedented amount of customer service. Let’s not forget that customer service at this scale (Home Advisor saw over eleven million visitors to their site in just the last six months) is a feat in and of itself. The idea of keeping millions of customers not just satisfied, but glowing, is something that, up until now, would have been considered ludicrous.

But, so was the idea of running a mile in under five minutes.

In order to achieve this incredible level of customer service, Home Advisor, through in depth analysis, determined that in order to enhance the experience for its users it needed to offer the ability to process instant bookings.

A logistical nightmare for their call centers, the innovative use of chat bots has made the impossible possible and would enable them to scale this new marquis service. In order to scale instant bookings, they would need to make a critical shift. Rather than taxing Home Advisor employees with the task of tracking down schedules for both the consumers and the contractors, Home Advisor would need to utilize chat bot technology. In doing so, they would be able to leverage a single bot to do the work for an entire contact center.

Now their fastest growing product, instant bookings aren’t just possible, but, thanks to chat bots, they’re scalable too.

Today, Home Advisor consumers can enter the service they need, when they need it, and trust that the right contractor for the job will show up, no phone tag required.

How’s that for a four-minute mile?

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