The Tutor that never sleeps

MARCH 8, 2018 –

The Brainy Bot Changing How Students Learn

“Shouldn’t you be studying instead of texting with friends?”,
asks the father to the daughter.“ I am studying”, she replies. “I’m chatting with the Mindletica Bot.”


Developed by a brainy bunch of patent-holding executives and educators hailing from Silicon Valley and Chicago, Mindletica, a chatbot tutoring system, is helping students excel in a variety of subjects, and all without after-school study sessions.

The team behind Mindletica is driven by one major goal: Send more kids to college.

Leveraging AI and the curriculum databases of schools across the nation, Mindletica gives students the experience they need to both master and understand concepts, and faster and more effectively than ever.

Backed by research, Mindletica is smarter than you think.

The bot reduces the cries for teacher-student interaction by providing both parents and educators with in-depth analyses of each student’s performance.

Designed for students in grades 6 to 11, Mindletica uses strategically crafted questions sent to mobile devices to gauge academic progress and predict success.

But it’s so much more than just a question-sending bot.

Mindletica understands the responses sent back by students, offering explanations to answers while delivering simplified versions of concepts.

And, as a predictor of SAT and ACT stores, Mindletica is doing just that.

“We text you questions and you respond with an answer… Easy!”

Thanks to today’s students being pre-programmed to reflexively respond to texts, the method of delivery behind Mindletica is proving to be incredibly effective; the front page of their website boasts an impressive 90% response rate to the daily text that is delivered.



Chatbots and AI technology will continue to make their way into the world of education.

And while teachers and mentors will likely be needed for one-on-one interaction and accountability for the foreseeable future, the idea of students being taught by robots is no longer just an idea – it’s the reality.

So, Van Halen, if you’re listening, perhaps the lyrics to your song should be revised to “Hot for Chatbots.” Teachers, parents students and their grades all say that the chatbot tutor’s future is bright

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