While far from a perfect replacement for humans, artificial intelligence is getting smarter. And fast.

In 2016, New York Times hailed Google’s new translator as “the great AI awakening,” a trend that has proven itself time and time again during 2017.

Wireless headphones that can translate in 40 different languages? You can thank Google, again, for that. Although translation might seem one of the first industries at risk, the truth is that AI is planning a grand entrance to workplaces in a variety of niches.

And while it might not replace your job (yet), there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to embrace it with open arms as a co-worker.

Deemed to be “plucky young assistants on steroids”, the promise of AI for corporations looking to increase productivity while decreasing financial output (just to name a few reasons) is bright enough that you’ll need to put on your sunglasses, and soon.

What are the odds that AI coworkers will lead to workplace utopia, rather than leaving countless unemployed? Time will tell.

Read the full article in Wired, here. 

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