Ideas from Deloitte: Improving Employee Experience with Conversational AI via UX Magazine

If you’re thinking about the future of employee experience this UX Magazine article is a must-read. Deloitte HR technology leader, Greg Vert shares practical perspective on how next-gen digital workplaces are built with AI at the core to personalize employee experience. This is just one example of what Deloitte is doing with the platform.

Creating a strategy and roadmap for success with AI requires the application of design thinking principles. The goal is to deliver exceptional experiences for workers during “moments that matter”—or moments when a worker’s perception of their company is at a heightened susceptibility to influence, positively or negatively. These moments are opportunities to create strong connections with workers by making them feel valued and supported.


There are many “moments that matter” throughout the talent lifecycle: returning from maternity or paternity leave, being promoted to a people manager role for the first time, or being displaced due to restructuring or M&A activity. These moments create opportunities to capitalize on the art of the possible.


At Deloitte, we’ve partnered with, a leader in the Conversational AI market, to explore new ways to deliver reimagined experiences during these “moments that matter.” In the below example, Luke is a new hire and has several onboarding activities to complete:



Read the full article from UX Magazine.

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