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OneReach.ai Wins Gold Edison Award


April 21, 2020

OneReach.ai Wins Gold Edison Award

CS 2.0 has won a Gold 2020 Edison Award for the innovations in AI applications.

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Our team at OneReach.ai is honored to announce that Communication Studio 2.0 has won a Gold 2020 Edison Award for the innovations our conversational platform has contributed to AI applications.

The Edison Awards is an annual competition that honors world-changing new products and services since 1987. Organizations like SpaceX, 3M, Hanson Robotics, Nike, Cisco, Dyson, IBM and other innovators have been recognized by the Edison Awards for their innovations.

“The Steering Committee reviews each nomination, selecting only those they believe merit consideration for an award. The approved applicants are put on a comprehensive ballot and sent to over 3,000 experienced senior business executives.”

Submissions are judged based on four main criteria: concept, value, delivery and impact.

We are honored and humbled to be joining the ranks of other gold Edison Award Recipients before us.

OneReach.ai was built by a team of inventors from data science, mathematics, UX, anthropology, film, neuroscience and design, that came together to make conversational AI accessible for everyone – not just to use it, but also to create it.

Without our team’s passion and dedication, we wouldn’t have achieved such revolutionary strides in enabling anyone to create great conversational AI experiences with or without coding.

Congratulations to our incredible product team, and thank you to our many great customers and partners for doing such incredible things with our platform. You’ve made it so that our pride isn’t in what we build, but what it enables you to create!

What is Communication Studio 2.0?

CS2.0 is the second generation of a conversational AI platform, built to help people create great conversational experiences for any channel, using any of the top AI engines. It’s a complete set of no-code/low-code tools that reduce technology barriers and cost for rapidly creating conversational applications without limiting flexibility.

Learn more about CS2.0 or join a hands-on webinar to experience building solutions for yourself.

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