This Just In! OneReach and Twilio collaborate on SMS


July 12, 2014

This Just In! OneReach and Twilio collaborate on SMS

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Have you heard? OneReach is back in the news with Twilio after they used our visual design tool to create a toll-free SMS system. Businesses can now contact customers using SMS with existing or new Twilio toll-free numbers. Customers have the option to text or call numbers and can also switch between the two, something we’re all about here at OneReach.

Here’s what CEO Rich Weborg said in the joint press release:

“Text messaging is the most common activity performed on mobile phones, and now customers can communicate with businesses the same way they communicate with friends and family — via SMS. Businesses can now automate self-service and offer customers the ability to text with customer service representatives who can reply through a Web-based interface. This is a major win for both businesses and customers.”

With the use of OneReach technology, Twilio can now personalize messages with customers’ data and previous interactions, saving customers the hassle of having to repeat things. That makes not only a happy customer but a happy call center agent.

Check out the original press release here. If you’re feeling extra literary today, check out some of our other blog posts:

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