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Year End Review: Customer Service in 2014


December 22, 2014

Year End Review: Customer Service in 2014

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When you think of customer service in 2014, chances are the first thing your mind jumps to is the horrific Comcast service call. But 2014 was actually a great year for customer service: omnichannel service picked up steam, customers had more ways to solve problems than ever, and contact centers started implementing new, useful channels.

OneReach CEO Rich Weborg discusses the introduction of channels like SMS support in his year end ICMI article:

Historically, most businesses that support SMS use it for marketing or notification purposes only. However, with the emergence of toll-free SMS, business number texting, SMS automation, text chat and business MMS, the concept of using text messaging for customer support is now a reality. While many organizations started to really consider SMS as a viable service channel, only the early adopters began to realize the benefits.


Want to find out what 2015 will bring? Take a look at the rest of the article here, and don’t forget to download our free Harris interactive report to learn more about how customer want service delivered.

Photo by Flickr user Garry Knight.

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