Learn 7 Ways to Spice Up Your Customer Experience

Some companies still haven’t found the magic recipe for providing a great customer experience, but OneReach’s Elias Parker might be able to help them out. In an article published by UX Mag, Elias lists seven things companies can add to spice up their customer experience, including speed, variety, and consistency.

If you started swinging by the same Starbucks every day and always ordered a half-caf latte, you’d eventually expect the employees to know your order. The same kind of logic applies to customer experience: each time a company interacts with a customer, they should keep track of why they were contacted and what their response was. Customers expect you to know what their past interactions were about without having to repeat themselves.

Take a look at the rest of the article to see what other ways you can provide the best customer experience, and download the free Harris Interactive report to learn more about how customers want service delivered.

Photo by Flickr user Kenneth Yu.

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