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The Internet of Things (IOT) is being democratized by the proliferation of chatbots and AI.

At the forefront of this revolution is Controlany, an aggregated system that uses IOT to not only control smart devices, but to make almost any object in your home a smart device.

Imagine your coffee pot intuitively knowing to turn on every time your bathroom light turns on in the morning. Or your oven preheating the moment your garage door opens when you come home in the evening. Imagine your air conditioner automatically knowing being told to stay off for another day because it saw that  since your flight from Chicago was delayed 24 hours.

Sound futuristic?

To Bhavik Patel, however, the team leader at Controlany, it all sounds realistic – and very within reach. It’s here.


Patel is taking IOT technology, which was originally used in a “if this happens, do this next” kind of way, to an entirely new level, basically animating every device in your home so that it can receive intuitive information and act accordingly. Capable of picking up on your habits and routines, Controlany has the power to predict what you are going to do next, anticipating your next move and preparing your home in accordance.

Always turn on your heater at 8:15? Controlany will beat you to it. Big Denver Bronco’s fan? Controlany can get your TV set up for the big game and preheat your oven for that pizza, too.

A groundbreaking way to use IOT, Controlany is busting the myth that pre-programmed coding is the only option. So while you might currently feel helpless that your Nest has to turn on the heater at 5:30 each morning, Patel and his team are working to make this type of technology much more intuitive, allowing your home to sense when you are awake, by turning on a light or even flushing the toilet.

While previously destined to the whim of whatever product coder’s deemed important information, soon consumers will be able to teach their devices based on their own needs – no tech-savvy coding skills required.


Controlany’s ability to tap into the intelligence of new chatbots makes the future of IOT look promising, even for the most technologically inept luddites.

As chatbots continue to receive more training and more advanced AI updates, they will make it easier and easier for everyone, not just the brilliant, to “smartly” control, and train, anything and everything in their home.

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