ORDER MANAGEMENT – Virtual IVR Assistant with Multimodal Experience

SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 –

Meet Annie, a solution designer at OneReach.ai.

Her job here is to create solutions and train people on how to use the platform. She doesn’t have previous experience in this industry and never learned how to code. 

A year and a half ago, she was working in a neuroscience laboratory and finishing up her undergraduate degree. She has been with OneReach.ai since graduating. 

“The most powerful thing about OneReach.ai and why I fell in love with it was that the platform allows people like me, with no formal developer training, to have a seat at the table,” shares Annie. “Advanced AI technology has been limited to people of a specific background and pedigree, and that’s no longer the case. Not only do I have a seat at the table, I actively create real solutions.” 

By including more voices and perspectives in the conversation, we can solve complex problems in ways that nobody thought of before. 

We suggest watching this proof of concept that Annie created for an imaginary repair shop, Foster Auto, to see what types of things she can build. This virtual assistant provides a complex, multimodal voice experience and drastically differs from the basic chatbots or IVRs.

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