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4 practices to successfully integrate AI into your organization | Fast Company


June 26, 2020

4 practices to successfully integrate AI into your organization | Fast Company

Habits of companies implement AI strategies successfully.

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According to a study by Gartner, companies will implement 10 AI projects per year to make their opperations more efficient. A recent article by Fast Company describes habits of companies who are able to implement these 10 projects successfully:

“The Gartner survey showed that leveraging a variety of workers with different skills and diverse business insights–while still centralizing their strategies–helps lay the foundation for AI success. Organizations are more likely to be advanced in their AI capabilities when they build a task force to do so–one that is made up of AI researchers, data scientists, project managers, software developers, and more.

As one example, security professionals who might not be involved in an AI project but know about the technology and have used it for years can offer valuable reality checks and ideas.

Fifty-eight percent of successful organizations are using a balance of in-house and external hiring for their AI initiatives. Conversely, substantially more organizations that primarily hire externally are not yet successfully employing AI.”

Read the full article from Fast Company to learn more about successful AI implementation.

Jumping in without a strategy is sort of like waking up one day with an urgent need to climb Mt. Everest, and then immediately starting to run toward it. With such an advanced and high-stakes expedition, you wouldn’t make it. Whether you’re a beginner to such expeditions or an expert, the first step is to stop and think it through. Develop a vision and a strategy, and equip yourself with the tools, supplies, team and philosophy and plans needed to reach the peak instead of dying.

Technology grows more powerful, more pervasive, and more sophisticated every day. Most companies struggle to keep up with the pace of change.

The companies that have an edge right now will put themselves far out-of-reach to competitors.

We’ve drafted a whitepaper that can hopefully provide a foundation for creating a vision that gives you the confidence to step forward.

The findings revealed in the whitepaper are based in years of research and experience building thousands of conversational applications.

Our hope is that sharing the best practices and insights we’ve gleaned can make the crucial difference for enterprise companies struggling to balance the problems that come with those random acts of bot-building. A strategy that fosters co-creation with a conversational interface can be the road away from collections of disparate bots that disappoint companies and their users alike, leading towards the creation of an intelligent ecosystem.

Get the whitepaper that aims to equip problem solvers and leaders for going beyond with a strategy for building an intelligent, coordinated ecosystem of impactful automation—a network of skills shared between intelligent digital workers.

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