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HUMANS, Coffee in Tech: Two Years of Innovation and Community Impact


September 27, 2023

HUMANS, Coffee in Tech: Two Years of Innovation and Community Impact

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We’re celebrating an exciting milestone with the two-year anniversary of HUMANS, Coffee in Tech, a distinctive café nestled on the first floor of the OneReach.ai European headquarters in Kyiv. 

HUMANS is operating at the forefront by reimagining traditional business structures. Here, baristas have direct access to our platform for crafting conversational automations.

Led by the seasoned hospitality professional and innovator, Anna Tankovska, HUMANS is home to “Hugh” (the Ukrainian spelling of “Humans”), an ingenious intelligent digital worker (IDW)  that has become an integral part of daily operations. Hugh efficiently manages our back-end processes, gathers valuable customer feedback, and even takes care of drink orders.

While HUMANS serves as a café for our team members, it’s also open to the public and has cultivated a thriving community of coffee enthusiasts with an insatiable curiosity for technology. In addition to facilitating recruitment efforts, this café has become a platform for OneReach.ai to showcase the transformative potential of conversational AI, illustrating how people can actively participate in designing automated experiences. The HUMANS team convenes weekly to brainstorm ways to refine existing automations and create new ones, continually striving to eliminate monotony from their workdays while enhancing customer experiences.

What also sets HUMANS apart is its remarkable growth as a business amid the ongoing challenges of a war-torn region. Our team is driven by a shared purpose—to bring about meaningful change within our community by contributing to projects that hold a special place in our hearts. Last year, HUMANS made a significant impact by donating $17,000 to volunteer organizations dedicated to supporting the Ukrainian army, caring for animals in shelters, and aiding those facing adversity during these trying times.

This year, as we blow out the candles on our second birthday cake, the HUMANS team has an ambitious dream—to raise $10,000 towards the purchase of three Mavic drones, a contribution that will bolster our reconnaissance forces. We extend an invitation to you to become part of this mission by contributing to our cause through our PayPal account at annie.yankovska@gmail.com.

For those intrigued by our work, we encourage you to follow HUMANS on Instagram and explore a captivating conversation between Anna and Helen Peklo, Operations Manager at OneReach.ai, featured on our Invisible Machines podcast.

As we commemorate two years of HUMANS, we eagerly anticipate the day when we can all convene at our café, share a slice of cake, and savor a cup of coffee together, celebrating our freedom and resilience, stronger than ever before. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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