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OneReach.ai Awarded for Excellence at CogX 2023


September 15, 2023

OneReach.ai Awarded for Excellence at CogX 2023

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Tens of thousands gathered this September at the CogX Festival in London for a wide reaching exploration of the many technologies surrounding AI. The event also saw the announcement of the 7th annual CogX Awards, where OneReach received an award for Best AI product for HR. 

Our platform was built specifically to improve user experience, and the Intelligent Digital Workers (IDWs) we create provide unparalleled experiences for employees. IDWs excel in resolving inquiries, automating administrative tasks, capturing and leveraging unstructured data, and delivering data and insights to facilitate better in-the-moment decision-making. They have proven to be valuable allies for people working in HR, removing tedium from their days and giving them the tools for better creative problem-solving.

This award recognizes the incredible work our team has done in elevating Human Resources. Congratulations to our product teams and our incredible customers and partners for pushing the envelope in HR innovation

Our CEO and co-founder Robb Wilson was also honored as a CogX Outstanding Knowledge Expert. As co-author of the first bestselling book on conversational AI, Age of Invisible Machines, Robb has provided a road-tested field guide for those taking the path toward hyperautomation. 

CogX gives this award to individuals who have made a tremendous positive impact on a global scale through the adoption, creation, or regulation of technology and who are working to ensure that we are making the right decisions for the next 10 years. A 20-year veteran in the space, Robb is dedicated to improving the experiences people have with machines and is honored by this distinction.

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