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Want to Increase Customer Satisfaction? Use Text Messaging


November 12, 2014

Want to Increase Customer Satisfaction? Use Text Messaging

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On an ordinary day in most places in the industrialized world you can see hoards of people buried in their phones, fingers flying away typing out text messages to one another. Texting has become a primary means of communication these days, particularly among younger demographics who have had texting available most of their life.

The Business Problem

Businesses sometimes lag behind the rest of society when it comes to adopting technology. It seems that the corporate world is quite fine with maintaining communication through e-mail, but has often not yet embraced a text-enable model. Part of the problem may be that businesses still accept the stigma that text messaging is immature and only used for very casual social conversations. Instead of accepting this false notion, they should listen to what the customers want, and the customers want to text businesses.

Internet Based Options

What if your customer base is not one of the most mobile connected types of people out there? No problem! There are other options in the form of Internet based chat services that can be provided. Call centers are often avoided by customers who don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of placing the call. If that same customer can simply log online and chat with someone via their computer, they may be more likely to take that option. This helps more customers get their questions answered, and that is always a goal to shoot for.

Draw In Leads With SMS Texting

If you are happy with the first two ideas, you should be positively thrilled with the idea of using SMS text messaging to draw in more leads. The fact of the matter is that traditional means of getting leads (holding events for example) is highly expensive. Contrast that with the very low cost of SMS messages, and you can see why it is a better method to use. Also, SMS messages have high read through rates, and that means more eyes on what you are trying to promote.

To learn more about text-enabling your business, professionally designed or do-it-yourself, visit onereach.com.

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