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The third edition of Deloitte’s State of AI in the Enterprise survey was recently released. According to analysts at Deloitte, “it appears that AI’s ‘early adopter’ phase is ending; the market is now moving into the ‘early majority’ chapter of this maturing set of technologies.” IDC forecasts that spending on AI technologies will grow to US$97.9 billion in 2023—more than two and a half times the spending level of 2019. 

We are entering a new chapter in the adoption of the current generation of AI technologies: Capabilities are advancing, it is becoming easier to develop and implement AI applications, and companies are seeing tangible benefits from adoption. Governments have developed national strategies for AI and are making substantial investments in research and education. They are also crafting ways to better govern the use of AI technologies to protect and benefit society.


We have seen AI deployed across a wide spectrum of use cases to solve business problems—from managing and automating IT infrastructure, to gleaning new insights about customers, to identifying and responding to cyber threats, to helping guide medical decisions, to improving the hiring process. AI is increasingly being integrated into the fabric of business.

Analysts at Deloitte suggest, “Just as we no longer talk about isolated mobile strategies (they’re just part of doing business), AI will soon become standard and routine—maybe even faster than we expect.” Learn how to thrive in the era of pervasive AI – Read their full report to find out enterprises view AI adoption and get recommendations for how to compete in the era of pervasive AI.

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