Using Hyperglue to Heal Broken Organizations

The rapid rise of generative AI has not only heated up the race towards adoption, it’s also exposed just how hard it will be for most organizations to achieve the systemic changes proper adoption will require.  Put bluntly,  inside most organizations lots of things are broken. Technology isn’t working in ways that are even remotely […]

HUMANS, Coffee in Tech: Two Years of Innovation and Community Impact

We’re celebrating an exciting milestone with the two-year anniversary of HUMANS, Coffee in Tech, a distinctive café nestled on the first floor of the European headquarters in Kyiv.  HUMANS is operating at the forefront by reimagining traditional business structures. Here, baristas have direct access to our platform for crafting conversational automations. Led by the […]

“How to save a failing digital transformation” — Raconteur

In a world that is constantly evolving and creating new iterations of experiences and ideas, it’s hard to keep your finger on the pulse every step of the way. New technologies have reached such a level of complexity that it can be hard for executives to keep up with them. Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending guide […]

Clinton Uses Texting and Voice To Attack Sanders

We’ve written before about how texting could be used for political campaigns. You could use it for voter registration, voting day reminders, or even to set up a text hotline to get real-time feedback on what’s going on at polling places. But now we can add a new texting use case to the list: attack ads.

Ben & Jerry’s and OneReach: A Sweet Combination

Climate justice is about to get a little bit sweeter. Ben & Jerry’s is rallying climate activists (and anyone with a sweet tooth) to take action on climate change. The ice cream maker, a long-time supporter of climate justice, is urging citizens worldwide to contact world leaders in advance of the United Nations Climate Change […]