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Case Study: Leading Educational Company Achieved a 37% Reduction in Chats Transferred to Agents

Overview A leading global education company (hereafter “The Company”), in collaboration with OneReach.ai, implemented a single-chat entry point for all customer segments across web locations in the education and publishing industry.  The project involved deploying Intelligent Digital Workers (IDWs) and Conversational Reporting and Analytics across various customer segments and web locations. Problem Description The primary […]

Case Study: Leading Retail Company Achieves 65% NPS score

Overview A leading retail company (hereafter “The Company”) recognized by Forbes as a Customer Experience All-Star, collaborated with OneReach.ai to implement an AI-driven communication strategy. The project entailed deploying intelligent digital workers (or IDWs), sophisticated bots that enhance customer interactions and streamline communication channels. Problem Description The Company faced several challenges in maintaining its high […]

Case Study: Global Fortune 50 Company achieves 83% CSAT Score By Automating Employee Experience

Overview A prominent global Fortune 50 company (hereafter “The Company”) embarked on a transformative journey, improving the employee experience through internal support, in collaboration with OneReach.ai. The Company’s goal was to achieve 80% hyperautomation by 2024 and they engaged OneReach.ai for a project that entailed the development and deployment of an advanced Intelligent Digital Workers […]

POC. Virtual Assistant Orchestrates Several External NLU Engines.

The evolution of the end user’s experience has an inverse relationship to the amount of orchestration required behind the scenes. Creating virtual assistants is really a matter of providing simplicity for users by finding ways to solve increasingly complex problems within your ecosystem. Here are two practical examples of a concierge bot that can connect […]

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE – Multimodal Voice Experience

Here’s example of a complex multimodal user experience built on the OneReach.ai platform. This is a roadside assistance solution that one customer has in production. Despite a lot of noise on the road, the virtual assistant recognized the intent, determined his location, and sent the nearest tow there. This voice solution was built end-to-end on […]

ORDER MANAGEMENT – Virtual IVR Assistant with Multimodal Experience

Meet Annie, a solution designer at OneReach.ai. Her job here is to create solutions and train people on how to use the platform. She doesn’t have previous experience in this industry and never learned how to code.  A year and a half ago, she was working in a neuroscience laboratory and finishing up her undergraduate […]

When a bot stocks, it brings a human in to help the end-user and train itself

Creating great conversational experiences isn’t easy. As a result, most of them are less than impressive. To avoid lackluster results, a pharmaceutical company incorporated humans-in-the-loop (HitL). With this approach, when a conversational application got stuck, it addressed a live agent to help. That agent ensured the end-user experience was fulfilled while also training the system, […]

A Bot Acts Proactively and Helps to Protect Client’s Funds

When strangers get their hands on your credit card and tried to use your funds, you might want to get this call from the bank asap. A bot detected suspicious activity, sent sms to a client to confirm or reject that transaction, and recommended issuing a new card.  

Using Conversational AI to Create Personalized Experiences for Workers

According to Deloitte’s 2020 Global Human Capital Trends study 80% of responders declare employee experience as important to their organization’s success. That is why organizations started focusing on designing work space for well-being. This is an example of Luke’s on-boarding process in an hyperautomated company where the listed below capabilities of the conversational AI were […]

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